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From the Latin phrase that means “between us”, “Inter Nos” was what the people of the Roman Empire used among friends. And that is precisely the attitude we bring to our restaurant. With ample space providing a relax atmosphere, a children friendly area for the littlest, a bar to tender, a wine list of two hundreds, and a private lounge for those who require a certain ambience; Inter Nos strives to be the place of great hospitality, where everybody feels like they belong and are cared for by people they know.

230 Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC

Call us: 028 35190086 and 028 35190586

Signature Creations

Food among friends is exciting yet sincere. It should be fun yet never unnecessary. At Inter Nos, our dishes represent the appreciation we have towards the guests, whom we consider to be our dearest kin. Many of our ingredients are handmade, from the cheese to the pasta, even the milk is taken directly from farm. We made an effort to handcraft every single component, so that our guests can taste the honesty in the dish.

  • Tuna Tartare
    Tuna Tartare

    Marinated in an Italian Citronette and fresh Herbs

  • Burrata

    Homemade Burrata with a cream centre, Tomato, and Basil drizzled in Olive oil

  • Fettuccine Nere Al Granchio
    Fettuccine Nere Al Granchio

    Squid ink Pasta with Crab meat, Cherry Tomatoes and White Wine

  • Green Fettuccini With Scallops
    Green Fettuccini With Scallops

    Scallops and White Wine served with a curry sauce

  • Tagliatelle Al Porcini
    Tagliatelle Al Porcini

    With traditional Porcini Mushroom sauce

  • Rib Eye Steak ( 750gr )
  • Grilled Red Snapper
    Grilled Red Snapper

    Whole grilled Red Snapper with seasonal Vegetable

  • Grilled Salmon
    Grilled Salmon

    Grilled Salmon Fillet sered with creamy Lemon sauce

  • Baba Al Rhum
    Baba Al Rhum

    Sponge cake soaked in Rhum Syrup

  • Profiteroles

    Choux Pastry filled with Vanilla cream and topped with Chocolate sauce

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Inter Nos

26 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien, District 2, Hochiminh City

Monday - Saturday: 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Sunday: 11.00 am - 3.00 pm & 5.00 pm -11.00 pm

0906 969 981 and 0906 301 299